5 performers on stage. There are multicoloured spotlights. 4 of the performers dance in the space holding big film reflectors. The 5th performer on the left drums on a standing drum.
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A puppet of a black woman in traditional South African clothing in purple, blue and yellow colours. She wears layers of wooden beads around her neck and has a yellow headscarf on with long twigs for hair. She is puppeteered by two performers in blue overalls and headscarfs. They are among green leaves and trees.
In Repertoire


Commissioned by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 2018 for the reopening of The Temperate House.

Adapted version possible / ages 4-11

a performer sits on a raft full of orange life jackets, on top of a sheet being manipulated to appear like water.
In Repertoire

The Welcoming Party

A Theatre-Rites, Manchester International Festival, Z-arts and Ruhrtriennale Festival co-production in 2017 & 2018.

ages 8+


The Broke ‘N’ Beat Collective

A Theatre-Rites co-production with 20 Stories High in association with Unity Theatre Liverpool.

Not suitable for under 13s


The Lost Glove

Created by Lizzy Oxby and Sue Buckmaster, featuring the amazing handwork of Theatre Rites' puppeteers.

Robot Boy puppet raises his hand towards his brain which has wires attached which are lit from within his brain.

Animating the Brain

A research project funded by the Wellcome Trust, working with Neuroscientists from KCL.

ages 6+

Sue Buckmaster whispers into the ear of a puppet called Pebble Head. Out of his other ear the words The Puppet Whisperer emerge.
In Repertoire

The Puppet Whisperer

Live masterclass, originally a Theatre-Rites co-production with Little Angel Theatre in 2014.

ages 14+

a shelving unit is lit in bright neon blue. The shelves contain clear jars with objects inside. A group of 4 adults and children look at the jars

Bank On It

Commissioned by the Barbican, Create London, Warwick Arts Centre and the University of Warwick.

ages 5+

4 performers all dressed in white disposable protective suits and yellow rubber gloves with their hands raised looking at a full black bin bag on a table top, waiting to start to unveil its contents.


A co-production with Warwick Arts Centre in association with artsdepot, touring in 2013 and 2014.

ages 5 +

4 performers grapple with lengths of red foam all in front of a square neon red light frame.


a Theatre-Rites co-production with the Barbican and Salzburg Festival in 2011 and 2012.

ages 5+

6 performers peer over a large puppet bird which has black feathers and its wings are outstretched. The bird is looking at a white feather.


A site-specific production commissioned by the Ruhrtriennale Festival, Germany in 2010.

ages 8+

a performer dances beneath strips of different coloured lights which are moving to create an abstract wave effect.

Lighten Up

A Theatre-Rites co-production with Unicorn Theatre London, 2008.

ages 5+

5 performers dressed in pale overalls with hardhats sing from behind a wire mesh screen. They are lit by a number of industrial style lights. In the foreground are crates full of coal which are alight.


Site-specific production commissioned by the Ruhrtriennale Festival, Germany 2008.

ages 8+

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