Big Up!

A Theatre-Rites co-production with 20 Stories High in 2019.

What happens when a beatboxer, a singer and a puppeteer arrive on stage, but nothing is ready?  No set, no instruments, no puppets. No rules. 

Come and watch as they create a world full of joy and chaos, where objects come to life and everything is possible.    

Big Up! celebrates the power of music, the power of play and the power of our imagination. A perfect show for little people who want to be Big, and Big people who …  just might have forgotten how to play.    

The show was created in 2019 in collaboration with 20 Stories High, It was developed through research with young adult parents, young carers and their children, from working class and culturally diverse backgrounds.  

After a successful UK tour in 2019, Big Up! was due to tour again from April 2020 with original cast members Clarke Joseph Edwards, Dorcas Sebuyange joined by Grace Savage and Teele Uustani. Unfortunately, the tour had to be cancelled at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Creative Team

Sue Buckmaster


Two puppeteers manipulate a puppet made of pink and yellow foam shapes. A circle, and 5 rectangle shapes make up the figure of a stick man. They puppeteer this figure on top of a freight case with joyful expressions.
a captivating live theatre experience for little ones, and a reminder to the rest of us of how much fun there is to be had when you let your imagination run wild.
Star rating: 4 stars
The Stage
I can’t award the number of stars suggested by my five-year-old fellow critic (‘one thousand, one hundred and eight’), but have no hesitation awarding five.
Star rating: 5 stars
Remote Goat
Funnier, more engaging and more inventive than virtually any theatre production aimed at young children I’ve ever seen.
Star rating: 4 stars
Northern Soul

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