a performer sits on a raft full of orange life jackets, on top of a sheet being manipulated to appear like water.

The Welcoming Party

A Theatre-Rites, Manchester International Festival, Z-arts and Ruhrtriennale Festival co-production in 2017 & 2018.

How do we welcome new arrivals?What stories have they to tell? 

The Welcoming Party took us on a thrilling journey through a historic hidden warehouse at Manchester’s Museum of Science & Industry, walking alongside people who had travelled from towns and cities far beyond Manchester, all looking for a place where they could feel safe and sound.  

The show was recreated for the Ruhrtriennale Festival the following year and invited audiences to journey through the derelict and magnificent Zechenwerkstatt Zeche Lohberg in Dinslaken. 

A beautiful blend of puppetry, performance, dance and live music for both children and family audiences, The Welcoming Party made us think about what it means to feel different – and why we should all be proud of who we are. 

The Welcoming Party was performed in Manchester, UK (2017) and Dinslaken, Germany (2018). It received a special commendation at the first ever Manchester Cultural Awards.  


Creative Team

Sue Buckmaster


Done with the rackety swagger and invention that we’ve come to expect from Theatre-Rites, a company making shows for children that is right at the forefront of contemporary British theatre practice
Star rating: 4 stars
The Guardian
a performer dressed in red sits at a table holding a puppet child close to her while she talks to another performer who takes notes. A third performer observes in the background.
This is, no two ways about it, an astonishing piece of theatre: a kids' show that handles immigration, both as lived experience and as bureaucratic system, with such nuance and sophistication that it teaches adults a thing or two as well
Star rating: 5 stars
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