We specifically promote understanding and enjoyment of ‘object-led’ theatre (a term to describe the use of everyday objects to tell a story) and celebrate the power of visuals, puppetry and animation by working in genuine collaboration with designers, visual artists, film-makers, puppeteers, musicians, composers, actors and dancers.

On the About Puppetry page you will find a more detailed description of what puppetry is and click here to discover more about our Artistic Director Sue Buckmaster’s heritage, puppet whispering technique, her work outside of Theatre-Rites and the importance of puppets in her practice.

“In the wondrous world of Theatre-Rites’ shows, objects act” Theatre-Rites Animating Objects, Puppets and Sites

We have seen a huge increase in the use of puppetry in theatre over the last few years, and this has, in turn, led to a demand for training. We offer a 2 day intensive puppetry workshop which can be adapted to suit a wide remit of skills and experience.

Useful Resources


Umbrella Organisations, Theatres and Training:

The Curious School of Puppetry

Wimbledon College: MA Puppetry

Little Angel Theatre

Norwich Puppet Theatre

British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild

The Puppetry Collective


Puppet Centre


Theatre-Rites Animating Puppets, Objects and Sites by Sue Buckmaster and Liam Jarvis

Handspring Puppet Company by Jane TaylorWilliam KentridgeAdrienne SichelAdrian KohlerGerhard Marx Lesego Rampolokeng and Basil Jones

Puppetry by Penny Francis

Puppetry: How To Do It by Mervyn Millar

Puppet An Essay on Uncanny Life by Kenneth Gross

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