6 performers peer over a large puppet bird which has black feathers and its wings are outstretched. The bird is looking at a white feather.


A site-specific production commissioned by the Ruhrtriennale Festival, Germany in 2010.

Installed in the magnificent Mischanlage building, part of the Zollverein Kokerei; a UNESCO World Heritage site, Paradise invited audiences of 60 adults and children to experience an epic journey through 12 chambers, where each step led to a new discovery. 

Paradise was performed as part of the Ruhrtriennale Festival, Germany in 2010. 


Creative Team

Sue Buckmaster


Two performers jump across water using stepping stones in a room where rain is falling.
It is a wonderful fairy-tale; in the end we were all smiling, not only the children. Unfortunately, art cannot always be like this, well life isn’t always like this, but to experience it this way for once makes everything better
A large room with a mirror for a ceiling. A performer is seen emerging from a large box filled with dry ice and the heads of other performers appear in the reflection of the mirror.
A fantastic production. 90 minutes of high tension theatre with the best that a mix of fantasy and dance performance has to offer
Neue Ruhr Zeitung

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