Two performers, one in green torn combat clothes and the other in blue overalls and a yellow hard hat puppeteer a white pelican puppet. The pelican is made of plastic cups. the pelican has a yellow beak and red nose tip made of a bottle cap. The pelican is standing on plastic crates on a stage. It is looking at a 3rd performer on the right, a blonde woman in a yellow dress who has an encouraging expression.

Zoe’s Peculiar Journey Through Time

Theatre-Rites and Burgtheater, Vienna co-production 2021.

Zoe, a modern millennial girl, is getting ready for a night out. But suddenly, something very peculiar happens and she is catapulted a hundred years into the future to a mysterious island.

The island, made entirely of plastic waste, is home to two strange and wonderful creatures. What has happened? Zoe doesn’t have time to think before her real adventures begin.  Sent on a quest by an Ancient Spirit, she sets off to explore – solving riddles and helping new friends out of trouble, all the while searching for a mysterious deep-sea treasure. And only then can she find her way home.

Zoe premiered at the BurgTheater in Vienna in 2021.


Creative Team

Sue Buckmaster


This co-production of the Burg Theatre with Theater-Rites from Great Britain is a small eco-miracle.
Der Standard

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