an aerialist performer hangs by his hands from a triangular shaped metal mobile suspended from above. The mobile has a red ball on one corner. A second performer stands on stage below looking up at him.

Hang On

a co-production with Ockham's Razor and Lyric Hammersmith, in association with York Theatre Royal in 2008.

As a giant mobile tantalisingly appears above the stage, Hang On catapults the audience into an aerial world of dizzying new thrills where the impossible becomes possible.

Hang On was performed at Lyric Theatre Hammersmith and York Theatre Royal in 2008.

“If you want to take all your extended family along to one show this year, take them to see Hang On at the Lyric Hammersmith. Tumbling along through a delicately balanced mobile of Charlie Chaplin charm and virtuoso circus play, this piece will lift one and all above the mundane into a world of infinite and childlike possibility.”

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Sue Buckmaster


Entrancing for adults and children alike.
The British Theatre Guide
One of the many bonuses of this co-production between child-focused company Theatre-Rites and aerialists Ockham’s Razor is the profound pleasure it takes in physical movement, in the agility and grace of its performers precariously balancing on three giant interconnected triangles.
Star rating: 4 stars
The Evening Standard

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