many lengths of tape measure in lines next to each other are lit from behind.


Commissioned by the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival in 1999.

Set in a damp, low ceilinged cellar of an old rag-trade building in Hackney, East London, this site-specific piece enthralled audiences young and old as the hero experienced a series of surreal encounters with the workers and the materials before finding the suit of his dreams.

A team of four artists worked with William Patten School, a short walk from the site, exploring changes in the children’s lives through video, sculpture, dance and puppetry. The theme of change was picked up through the transformation that took place in the creating of a garment, from cutting a pattern to wearing the finished article. The children were kept informed of the creation of the piece and made site visits as the installation and rehearsals progressed.


Creative Team

Sue Buckmaster


There are many moments when, as an adult moving through the space, one becomes wrapped up in wonder and stitched through with happiness.
Total Theatre
With Theatre-Rites and their mission to fill ordinary spaces with extraordinary theatrical events, you can only expect the unexpected.
Time Out
Cellarworks was a little masterpiece of imaginative writing, staging and performance.
The Stage

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