Theatre-Rites 25th Anniversary and Book Launch

12th June 2023

Theatre-Rites' Book Launch - In Conversation with Sue Buckmaster and Liam Jarvis


In June 1996 Theatre-Rites made its mark on the theatre world when it created Houseworks for Out of LIFT.  We could never have imagined what the world would be dealing with 25 years later, but in July 2021, we took a lovely moment to celebrate.

To mark this anniversary, Routledge Press published a book about the company’s history and processes. Written by one of our Board Members, Liam Jarvis with our artistic director Sue Buckmaster, the book is called Theatre-Rites Animating Puppets, Objects and Sites

As part of the book launch and birthday event, co-authors Dr. Sue Buckmaster and Dr. Liam Jarvis had a live in-conversation discussing the book’s origins, an insight into how children’s theatre has evolved and thoughts on how to be a robust artist today. They also mention a film, that was also shared at the live event, that looks back at all the work of Theatre-Rites over the last 25 years that you can watch here.

We want to thank everyone who has been a part of Theatre-Rites’ journey over the last 25 years.

For more information on Our Book and how to purchase, please visit here.

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