A kneeling man plays a diggeridoo whilst his friends try and escape from inside a giant ball.

The Thought That Counts

Co-commissioned by BITE:05, Barbican and Young Vic as part of the Young Genius Festival in 2005

How big is a million? Is there a man in the moon? What colour is music? Can I touch Light?

A child’s curiosity is endless, and asking questions is often more important than finding the answer. The Thought that Counts was a playful and enchanting celebration for 4–7 year olds of how we learn through play. Taking its inspiration from the notion that a genius is someone who, like children, keeps asking questions, the show created a magical world using theatre, dance, animated shapes, puppetry and video.

Performances at The Barbican (2005) and UK / International tour (2007).


Creative Team

Sue Buckmaster


Life may be black and white, but the imagination is vivid and running riot in this latest piece from Theatre-Rites, the company that has put play into the play and produced some of our most outstanding theatre of the past decade.
The Guardian
It’s magical, murmurs a little chap behind me. It is. It is also beautiful, innovative and the best children’s theatre around.
Total Theatre
This play lacks the rose-tinted view of childhood that afflicts so much children’s theatre and literature. It doesn’t try to hide the fact that being a child is often difficult and frightening. But it also asks what should it be like to be a child? The answer, like this show, is lots of fun
The Guardian

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