Two performers on stage. One is holding a camera aimed at the other. The other performer holds a muppet style orange puppet. There are multicoloured circle lights in the background.

The Global Playground

A Theatre-Rites co-production with Manchester International Festival, July 2021

Following the sell-out success of The Welcoming Party at MIF17, Theatre-Rites returns to the Festival with a team of international collaborators – and an uplifting new show mixing dance, music, theatre and puppetry for children and family audiences.

A group of dancers meet to make a film – but things get wonderfully weird when the camera takes on a life of its own.  

We can now connect with anyone, in person and on screen – but is the camera our friend, our playmate or something else entirely? Partly inspired by our lives under lockdown, The Global Playground explored the magic of our first encounters, how we play together, how we connect and sometimes disconnect – and ultimately how we make the most of the time we spend together, however we spend it.  


Creative Team

Sue Buckmaster


Two performers on stage. One is holding an orange furry muppet style puppet. The other performer blows air into the puppet's fur.
A playful, uplifting, deceptively simple dance confection… has such an appealing, infectious energy and a clear message about the power of play.
Star rating: 4 stars
The Stage
A performer lunges on stage in a spotlight. They are holding up a reflector into the light.
The Global Playground does not conform to the norms of what might be expected of a ‘family’ show. This challenging approach makes the show more demanding and so more satisfying for a wide audience… a true family affair.
Star rating: 4 stars
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