5 performers dressed in pale overalls with hardhats sing from behind a wire mesh screen. They are lit by a number of industrial style lights. In the foreground are crates full of coal which are alight.


Site-specific production commissioned by the Ruhrtriennale Festival, Germany 2008.

A magical journey through a derelict 4 storey salt factory in the famous Zollverein Coking plant in Essen, Germany.  

Sue Buckmaster (Artistic Director) and Louise Ann Wilson (Designer & Co-Director) were initially intrigued by the transformations and chemical processes that had taken place in the salt factory, and aware of how important the factory and the whole coking plant had been to the community in Essen.  

The building was originally home to the transformations and chemical processes that created sodium phosphate (salt) from coal. During each performance, 90 audience members were taken on a journey inspired by the space, its history, alchemical imagery and the power of archetypes. 

Salt was presented at the Ruhrtriennale Festival, Germany in 2008. 


Creative Team

Sue Buckmaster


Above all, however, this is industrial theatre. One finds clear, beautiful pictures, clowning, improvisation and role play. Ideas appear like fireworks creating magical moments.
NRZ, Germany
Sue Buckmaster and her ensemble enriched the Ruhrtriennale with Salt, creating a magical theatre experience for children (starting from eight), which adults also should not miss.
Westfäli, Germany

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