An elderly couple, the lady in a bright red trouser suit and the gentleman in a tweed suit and wearing a hat are dancing together. They are on a wooden floor in front of a large space with a high ceiling filled with white columns of different heights.

Outside In

A collaboration with Royal Festival Hall London, at the South Bank Centre 2004-05.

We created an enchanting environment that took the audience to the Antarctic and back. A series of simple white columns revealed hidden objects, emitted Arctic sounds and whispered wintry poems, coaxing an audience of all ages into a multi-sensory adventure to see winter anew.

The installation, by Sophia Clist, invited audiences to come in from the cold to explore the sights, sounds and magic of winter – without catching a chill!

This installation was at the Royal Festival Hall Ballroom, Southbank Centre London Dec 2004 – Jan 2005


Creative Team

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