a male performer stands playing a tambourine-shaped drum. The shape of the instrument reflects a much larger circular wooden object next to the performer, which has a wavy line across the length of it and a smaller circle in the middle.

In One Ear

A Theatre-Rites co-production with Lyric Theatre Hammersmith in 2004.

A magical, musical exploration for young audiences of how, from an early age, we discover sound. 


In this energetic show everyone wants to make themselves heard. Things are not what they seem to be, and nothing will keep quiet.


Mischievous musicians and a playful puppeteer conduct an ever-changing world in which instruments become puppets, people become instruments, and everything takes on a life and a sound of its own.


In One Ear toured in 2004/05 and 2006.


Creative Team

Sue Buckmaster


This latest show from Theatre-Rites is something to make a song and dance about.
The Guardian
It is simple, clever and completely absorbing.
The Stage
An invitation to storm onstage for a rousing finale is greeted with similar enthusiasm because when something looks and sounds like this much fun, any self-respecting child is going to want to have a bash.
Time Out

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