a human-like silhouette wearing a cap with arm outstretched towards an illuminated shape of a bird. There is netting effect in the background lit from behind

Finders Keepers

Commissioned by Unicorn Theatre, London 2003.

Theatre-Rites used objects from Southwark’s Art and Museums Collection to inspire a magical look into the world of the museum.

The audience journeyed around an enchanted world whose strange inhabitants find and keep things. Things curious, things shiny and things that other people throw away. Along the way, they discovered how objects are collected, kept safe, and then how they are brought to life.

Finders Keepers was commissioned by the Unicorn Theatre as a site-specific performance at the Livesey Museum in Southwark, London in 2003.


Creative Team

Sue Buckmaster


Down London’s Old Kent Road, there’s a little bit of wonder. One of the best performances I’ve been to in a long time.
The Guardian
Priceless. Such beauty in it all.
Time Out

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