Talking Rubbish
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Ages 4 plus
Dates This is a past production that's not currently performing.

About the Show

Two short films created during Lockdown inspired by Rubbish and Recycled Rubbish commissioned by Spark Arts for Libraries in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

Episode 1

Meet Charlotte The Excavator - always holding on to her rubbish and never knowing what to do with it all. She asks her Fellow Excavators Mohsen and Aya for help, but they are too busy with their new friend: a rather unusual looking and very playful dog.


Episode 2

Charlotte the Excavator has found a way to reduce her rubbish. Inspired by her fellow Excavators Mohsen and Aya she's created a puppy to play with their very lively dog. But Mohsen and Aya have a new house guest who is very resistant to recycling.  Can Charlotte help?


Charlotte Dubery
Mohsen Nouri
Aya Nakamura
Sue Buckmaster
Charlotte Dubery
Associate Artist
Sophie Huggins