Previous Show
Ages 4–6 year olds
Dates This is a past production that's not currently performing.

About the Show

This installation was at the Gardner Arts Centre in Brighton and ran concurrently with our production of Sleep Tight in the main house. Two performers guide an audience of fifteen children and adults through four sections.

The entrance is lined with ‘going to bed’ items – toothbrushes, sponges, plastic ducks. The second space is covered with many different kinds of pyjamas, and one of the performers tries to find a pair that fits. The third space is a room full of pockets that contain many little installations about bedtime.

The audience sits on the floor and one of the performers tells a story. The audience then picks up their pillows and are led into the fourth space – a huge bed.

Everyone lies down under the duvet while a pillow puppet interacts with them. The room darkens and night-time shadow puppets appear on the sloped ceiling. At the end of the shadow play one end of the duvet rises up, allowing the audience to exit underneath into the original entrance corridor, now transformed into the night sky.

Marleen Vermuelen
Benjamin Blake
Cindy Oswin
Sophia Clist
Installation Artist
Nigel Piper
Musical Director
Jane Mackintosh
Production Manager