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Ages Over 7s
Dates 1998
puppet made out of folded white paper, with a paper tie and glasses sitting at a desk writing
©Penny Bernand

About the Show

Commissioned by the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival in July 1998

An old tidal mill on Three Mills Island in Bow was the setting for Millworks, which looks at the cycle of life and death through the symbolic imagery of the milling process.

Each part of the process is represented by a puppet, from the cutting of the wheat right through to the making of bread.

The beautiful old wooden building creates a dream-like landscape where the ghosts from the past re-enact their daily rituals and each puppet is destroyed to signify the transformation of the next part of the process.

Adam Bennett
Isobel Cabalero
Buffy Cook
Natasha Holmes
Peter Savazon
Graeme Miller
Sue Buckmaster
Sophia Lovell Smith
Kate Tierney
Sound Design