Finders Keepers
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Ages 3 to 6 year olds
Dates 2003
Twin girls in aprons make dolls out of yellow dusters from the site-specific show Finders Keepers
©Trine Andersen

About the Show

Finders Keepers was commissioned by the Unicorn Theatre as a site-specific performance at the Livesey Museum in Southwark. Theatre-Rites used objects from Southwark’s Art and Museums Collection to inspire a magical look into the world of the museum.

Embark on a journey round an enchanted world whose strange inhabitants find and keep things. Things curious, things shiny and things that other people throw away. Discover how they collect them, keep them safe … and then how they bring them to life!

Ramon Abad
Emily Teppum
Stewart Fraser
Anna Orson
Natasha Orson
Carol Walton
Rick Wilson
Sue Buckmaster
David Haradine
Sophia Clist
Installation Designer
Andrew Lock
Installation Design
Rick Wilson
Sound and Music Designer
Philip Gladwell
Lighting Designer