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Ages 3 to 6 year olds
Dates 2005 London and Stuttgart
children watch through a mesh wall as doctors try to fix a broken light
©Paul Tanner

About the Show

Hospitalworks was first created in London, when Theatre-Rites transformed a disused ward in the Mayday University Hospital, a working London hospital. Co-produced with Polka Theatre and Theater der Welt, Germany’s largest theatre festival, Hospitalworks then transferred to Stuttgart and was recreated in an empty German ward.

Deep inside an ordinary hospital hides an extraordinary place ...

Audiences were guided through a series of rooms magically transformed by performance, object puppetry and installation. Drawing on children’s fascination with the game of doctors and nurses, this unique performance turned the hospital environment into a playful and enchanting place.



Laura Cubitt
Desai McGowan
Yana Novakova-Teofilova
Bernadette Russell
Lütje Stutz
Inga Töpperwien
Margrit Wimmer
Frank Wurzinger
Sue Buckmaster
David Haradine
Sophia Clist
Installation Artist
Olly Fox
Music and Soundscore
Hansjörg Schmidt
Lighting Designer
Charlie Thymms
Lead Artist