Sleep Tight
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Ages Under 5's
Dates 2000/1 UK tour and Belfast Festival
Two people wearing checked pyjamas and nightcaps stand in front of a man asleep in a bed enclosed by a net canopy. On the front of the netting we see the words Good Night.
©Andrew Whittuck

About the Show

Imagine a world filled with mattresses, pillows and duvets – a cosy, soft and intimate environment where a grown-up is on his way to bed. He enters a dream landscape as the bed takes on its own life force and two moon spirits magically transform the pillows into puppets and characters of the night.

The audience recognise some of the antics that take place as the memories, dreams and imagination of the central character emerge through the manipulation of material and the creation of fantastic figures in the form of pillow puppets. Video projection and shadow puppetry add to the richness of the imaginative world created on stage. The audience feel themselves immersed in a land of extraordinary imagery and play as pillows come alive, mounds of duvets transform into vast landscapes, friendly creatures rock us to sleep and lullabies soothe our fears away.

Adam Bennett

First Tour

Joseph Carey
Alison McGowan

Second Tour

Natasha Holmes
Sue Buckmaster
Orla O’Loughlin
Associate Director
Sophia Clist
Installation Designer
Nigel Piper
Musical Director
Nina Pope
Video Artist
Karen Guthrie
Video Artist
Phil Supple
Lighting Designer