Sue Buckmaster is whisperering into the ear of a puppet
Available For Touring
This show is available for touring. Please contact for bookings and information.
Previous Show
Ages 14 plus
Running Time 75 minutes
Venue Little Angel Theatre
Ended November 2015
A performer is holding a puppet called Pebble Head which is  made up of a head and a blue jumper. Sue Buckmaster, is  arranging Pebble Head's clothing.

Sue’s process is very distinctive, she works closely with her puppets, coaxing out their characters.

It was during a rehearsal period that a performer she was working with described her process perfectly – Sue is like a puppet whisperer.

This unique process is one that is never normally shared, yet watching Sue whisper a puppet into life can be funny, powerful and touching. We therefore decided to open up this process to an audience.

The Puppet Whisperer was originally a co-production with Little Angel Theatre and first performed at The Little Angel in July 2014, in collaboration with extraordinary puppeteer Adam Bennett.  Since then, it has been performed at Battersea Arts Centre and returned to The Little Angel as part of Suspense Festival in 2015. 

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