"Who says that theatre for the very young can’t be great art? Not me, and certainly not Theatre-Rites, who have been creating shows as good as anything made for adult audiences for more than 20 years"
- Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
"An imaginative bundle of joy"
- The Stage on Beasty Baby
"Not every play for three-to-six year olds is sophisticated enough to speak to adults too ... It’s a hushed, unostentatious show, with never a dull moment: it unfolds rapturously"
- The Sunday Times on Beasty Baby
"Rich in humour and humanity"
- The Telegraph on Bank On It
"It is a wonderful fairy-tale; in the end we were all smiling, not just the children. Unfortunately art cannot always be like this, well life isn’t always like this. But to experience it this way for once, makes everything better"
- Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung on Paradise
"It should leave you feeling stimulated, rib-tickled, lighter than when you walked in and glad to be alive"
- The Times, on Mischief
"It is precious and profound and playfully inspiring."
- Total Theatre on Rubbish
"Designed for the very youngest members of the family, this gorgeous, inventive show delved with psychological acuity and playfulness into the disruptions wrought by the arrival of a new baby. The puppetry was terrific and it was a multilayered show with something to offer the under-fives but also parents and grandparents"
- The Guardian, on Beasty Baby
"This magical mix of live music, simple yet ingenious puppetry and insouciant dance from London-based company Theatre-Rites must be one of the most purely imaginative, non-traditional end-of-the-year entertainments now on in London"
- The Times on Mojo
"Theatre-Rites, a company of genuine originality and flair"
- The Guardian