Children reaching out to catch feathers as they fall from the sky

Our Audience

We embrace both the adult and the child in the same audience and therefore our work is highly suitable for parents and children, or teachers and pupils to experience together.

Whilst we primarily create work for children and their adults, no one is excluded; young children, grandparents, single adults, audience members of all ages or cultural identity are welcome – we create work for anyone who wants to come and see it.

Finally, our work is not language driven and therefore works on different levels, removing the limits of age and language.

"Our ages ranged from 5 to 72 and we all thought it was absolutely wonderful, I personally was moved to tears at the end. It was pure magic and one of the very best things I have seen at the Barbican."
- Audience member, Mojo 2011
"Fantastic and inspiring work. Gave us food for thought the whole week after and I’m still thinking about it!"
- Audience member, Mischief 2009