Puppet of the Week

Every Friday we share a 'Puppet of the Week'. We love to celebrate the rich talent of puppet makers throughout the UK and internationally.

This week we thought we'd share a beautiful puppet called made by the brilliant Matt Hutchinson for our current show 'The Broke 'N' Beat Collective'. 

Paper Girl was designed to tell the story of a young girl who can’t escape a family secret or the perfect body images saturating the media. Her only release is self-harm. We first wrote a poem about her life which was expressed beautifully by our singer/poet Elektric and then we explored what it would be like if the girl in the story who cuts herself was actually made out of paper and advertising imagery. These materials enabled us to look at her emotional dilemma and suggest that however fragile we may feel, there is always a way to recognize our own robustness and not tear ourselves up.

'The Broke 'N' Beat Collective' is touring the UK until the beginning of April. To find out more, click here.