The Incredible Tale of Robot Boy, the film

We are delighted that this short film will premiere at The Festival of Curiosity in Dublin on Friday 17th July at 3.30pm.  The live screening will be followed directly by a Q&A with the show's director and Theatre-Rites' Aristic Director Sue Buckmaster and neuroscientist Dr Matthew Grubb from the Grubb Lab, Kings College London.

The stage version was a co-production with Schauspielhaus Bochum, their 2019 Christms show.  It has had quite an eventful life.  It opened in Germany last November and was due to run until May 2020.  In early December a pipe burst causing the theatre to close over Christmas, reopening in February - and then Covid struck.

We are absolutely delighted that we have been able to take the footage of the stage production and edit it into a 36 minute film.  The dialogue (in German) has been edited out and essentially we've created a silent sci-fi film.  We hope this film version will have future outings.