Against a black screen we see a blue drawn elephant and shrubs projected. Standing touching the elephant's trunk is a dancer wearing black trousers and a light linen shirt.

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Sue Buckmaster enjoys collaboration and, when Theatre-Rites’ schedule allows, she is delighted to support the work of artists from all disciplines.

Her previous collaborations/consultancies include directing Chotto Desh and Chotto Xenos for the Akram Khan Company, and more recently providing dramaturgy to Joss Arnott Dance (Tin Man), Sonia Sabri (Same Same But Different) and Denada Dance (The Bull and the Moon).

Sue can offer a range of advice and collaboration, including:

  • Consultancy, which can include advice on making new or adapting existing work for a younger audience.
  • Directing
  • Supporting you with Puppetry designs, which are integral to the overall design and help you find the puppet makers
  • Advise on how to leave space for Puppetry in script writing
  • Be part of your process as a Puppetry Director
  • Help with casting the right performers / puppeteers

Sue would like to support you to be brave in the way you incorporate Puppetry into your work.

Sue is an Advisor to Sadler’s Wells, Polka Theatre and Schauspielhaus Bochum.

Practitioners Sue is currently mentoring:

  • Miguel Altunaga: Afro-Cuban research project.
  • Anders Duckworth: Dramaturg for Little M, a show about Trans identity.
  • Laura Vanhulle and Oliver Robert Russell: Outdoor dance and neurodiverse dancer duet.
  • Soumik Datta: South Asian music and refugee research with Philharmonia Orchestra.
  • Joss Arnott: Dramaturgical advisor for a new production.
a man on the left of the picture dressed as a colonial soldier is holding out his arm. Attached to his arm is a figure with a gas mask for a face and fur. It is as if the figure is a wolf staring at the soldier
©Jean Louis Fernandez Chotto Xenos. Akram Khan Company
in the middle of a black screen there is a dancer wearing a light coloured colonial army uniform. His right arm is outstreched with his palm facing upwards. Above his palm is a giant flame, and it looks as if he is holding the flame in place
©Jean Louis Fernandez, Chotto Xenos Akram Khan Company
a gothic style Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion from a reimagined Wizard of Oz.
©Josh Tomalin, Tin Man Joss Arnott Dance

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